The 11th Competition

1st prize - Philipp Lynov
2nd prize - Kamil Pacholec
3rd prize - Yasuko Furumi
Honourable mention - Saetbyeol Kim
Honourable mention - Sergey Belyavsky

10th Competition 2016

1st prize - Lee Hyuk
2nd prize - Kuszlik Jakub
3rd prize - Andreeva Svetlana
Honourable mention - Bilicka Elżbieta
Honourable mention - Dina Ivanova

9th Competition 2013

1st prize - Moon Zheeyoung
3rd prize - Kato Daiki
Honourable mention - Khachikyan Violetta
Honourable mention - Kim Sun Kwa
II nagroda / 2nd prize - Klinton Dinara
Krzysztof Książek - special prize

8th Competition 2010

1st prize - Eduard Kunz
2nd prize - Hyun Jung Kim
3rd prize (ex aequo) - Michał Szymanowski
3rd prize (ex aequo) - Redkin Sergey
Honourable mention - Denis Evystyukhin

7th Competition 2007

1st prize - Nikita Mndoyants
2nd prize - Yulianna Avdeeva
3rd prize - Marianna Prjevalskaya
4th prize - Lilit Grigoryan
5th prize (ex aequo) - Quah Melody
5th prize (ex aequo) - Raykerus Pavel

6th Competition 2004

1st prize - Mariya Kim
2nd prize - Esther Jung-A Park
3rd prize - Marina Baranova
4th prize - Rieko Nezu
5th prize (ex aequo) - Maki Inoue
5th prize (ex aequo) - Takashi Yamamoto

5th Competition 2001

1st prize - Štěpán Kos
2nd prize - Alexey Komarov
3rd prize - Barbora Sejáková
4th prize - Sławomir Wilk
6th prize (ex aeuqo) - Viacheslav Zubkov
6th prize (ex aeuqo) - Vsevolod Vartanov

4th Competition 1998

1st prize - Tomomi Okomura
2th prize - Michael Schnieider
3rd prize - Katarzyna Borek
4th prize - Vladimir Milošević
5th prize - Ave Nahkur
6th prize - Sonja Hanna Maria Fräki

3rd Competition 1994

1st prize - not awarded
2nd prize (ex aequo) - Maciej Szyrner
2nd prize (ex aequo) - Paweł Rydel
3rd prize - not awarded
4th prize (ex aequo): Brigitte Capdeville
4th prize (ex aequo): Megumi Ito
5th prize - Tomasz Jocz

2nd Competition 1986

1st prize – Wojciech Kocyan
2nd prize - Andrzej Janaszek
3rd prize - not awarded
4th prize - Marek Wysocki
5th prize - Joanna Szczepaniak
6th prize (ex equeo) - Maciej Zagórski
6th prize (ex equeo) - Tamara Granat

1st Competition 1961

1st prize - Jerzy Maksymiuk
2nd prize - Maria Korecka
3rd prize - Piotr Lachert
Honourable mention - Hanna Witt
Honourable mention - Jacek Weiss
Honourable mention - Maciej Małecki
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