100 years of the Ignacy Jan Paderewski Music Association in Bydgoszcz

100 years of the Music Association in Bydgoszcz


May 30th, 2022 is the hundredth anniversary of the Music Association in Bydgoszcz. It is an entire century of efforts and struggle for the quality of musical life in Bydgoszcz. These are the years of professional and non-professional activity of musicians and people of various professions - engineers, doctors, lawyers, craftsmen, officials ... This is an epoch in which enthusiasts of musical art started from making music together, fought for musical education, educating the youngest. They also implemented ambitious artistic and popularization projects in order to undertake an event which is emblematic of the city today, called the International Paderewski Piano Competition.

It's time to start celebrating this jubilee, so important for our city ...

CELEBRATIONS of the 100 years of the Music Association in Bydgoszcz:


The Paderewski Music Association will be the HOST of the 66th General Assembly of the World Federation of International Music Competitions

June 24th-26th, 2022

Partners of the event:

City of Bydgoszcz

Culture Park in Bydgoszcz

Kujawsko - Pomorskie Region

Leon Wyczółkowski Regional Museum in Bydgoszcz

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Concert to celebrate the 100 years of the Music Association in Bydgoszcz


Friday, 24.06.2022, 7 p.m.

Paderewski Pomeranian Philharmonic Concert Hall

Szwalbe Stret No. 6, 85-080 Bydgoszcz, Poland

Can Çakmur piano

Paderewski Pomeranian Philharmonic Orchestra

Paweł Kapuła conductor

Concert is an award for the first prize winner of the International Hamamatsu Piano Competition, awarded by the Paderewski Music Association in Bydgoszcz

* TICKETS: https://filharmonia.bydgoszcz.pl/kalendarz/koncert-symfoniczny-15/



Aleksandra Kłaput-Wiśniewska

100 years of the Paderewski Music Association in Bydgoszcz

A history of the Music Society in Bydgoszcz, spanning one hundred years, written told the lives of those involved in the activities of this association, so vital in the history of the city. The work shows how the idea of developing musical life in Bydgoszcz had become the purpose of extra-professional activities of not only musicians, but also engineers, doctors, lawyers, craftsmen, clerks, priests... The intelligentsia of those years.

The involvement of four generations of the Association's members bore fruit in many different ways. From making music collectively, through music-making activities and education of children, to ambitious artistic and popular-scientific projects, to the organization of large undertakings such as an international piano competition, requiring not only activists but also a well-formed environment. Members of the Association initiated the idea of creating a symphony orchestra in Bydgoszcz, anticipating the activity of the Pomeranian Philharmonic. Thanks to the creativity of the Association's leaders, the Opera Studio emerged, years later bearing fruit in the form of a professional opera. There was also the Music Studio, the starting point of modern music education and the forerunner of a higher music school established in the mid-1970s - today's Feliks Nowowiejski Music Academy.

Throughout the century the Music Association has been a meeting place for people, united in their passion for music and recognizing its importance for the culture of the city. On 6 November 1986 the Association took the name of Ignacy Jan Paderewski. Aleksandra Klaput-Wiśniewska's work shows in a factual manner how the association of music lovers in the course of the century has become an inspiration for the unique musical position of Bydgoszcz in the country and the world. 

Financed by the Roman Dmowski and Ignacy Jan Paderewski Institute for the Legacy of Polish National Thought, within the framework of the Patriotic Fund - 2022 edition "Freedom in Polish.

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The Competition is financed by: the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of Republic of Poland from the Fund of the Promotion of Culture – a State purpose–specific Fund, as part of the “Music” program, implemented by the National Institute of Music and Dance and the City of Bydgoszcz.
A Partner of the International Paderewski Piano Competition is Kujawsko-Pomorskie Region.